04 August 2007

"I'm gettin' too old for this shit!" and other cop movie cliches.

For some reason I just got unaturally excited at the thought of owning a pack of Top Trumps cards. I haven't actually seen Top Trumps since 2001, when my friend Rachael's sister was visiting her with her kids Ben and Thomas, who had got some Motorbike based Top Trumps. Within a couple of minutes playing I had most of the deck, so, being a nice fella I decided to try to lose some. It's harder than you think, especially when the kids choose daft stats to lead with, like a 1000cc bike with 190bhp, and they try to trump you on fuel economy. Even at the age of 9, I hope I was smarter than that.

I was quite late to discover a lot of people use the word "Trump" to mean "Fart", so to them the game has a whole other layer of amusement.

I struggle to imagine a Top Trumps that could be as good as Steev's home made Doctor Who monskers set though.

I have also just remebered what a strange word "murmur" is. Strip away the meaning and just listen to the sound. murmur. I suppose it's onomatopoeic. Lounge is another weird one, say lounge a few times and it sounds like it's from another language. Lounge. Lounge. Lounge. Lounge. Lounge.

Lunge is alright. Lounge is just weird. It's a noun and a verb, which is always cause for suspicion.

I'm going to think of an alternate word, and get the dictionary to swap it in.

02 August 2007

Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Peado!

The bloke from the Crown Prosecution Service heading the Chris Langham trial is on BBC News 24 right now, he looks like Hitler.

jpegs/mpegs to follow later, possibly, if I can be arsed.

01 August 2007

Shiny shame!

I seem to have caused some kind of mini-disaster on UK:R, with what I shall now call "Shiny-gate". Shattered illusions are tough for people, I always suspected a lot of his readers assumed his "deeply awkward tit" style was just a post-ironic put-on. Nope.

It's all got a bit ugly. Still, selling out gets a bad press, you can't buy a loaf of bread with YOUR SOUL!