03 August 2006


Mirror, Mirror! On my TEEVEE! Right now! OMFGZ! Spock with his beard, that's how you can tell he's evil you know.

Nimoy. Accept no substitutes.

31 July 2006

I suffer from random tune head-poppage. That is, random music appearing in my brain for no apparent reason. Today, it's been Stan Ridgway's bizarre 'Nam epic, "Cam-oh-flarzjjjzjjej"

Whoah-oh-oh-ohhhh Camouflage,
things are never quite the way they seem,
whoah-oh-oh-ohhhh Camouflage,
this was an awfully BIG marine!

WTF was the guy on? More to the point why did THAT jump into my brain at no invitation or external prompting? I should know better than to ask. It's just one of life's mysteries, much like the song itself. I wonder what Stan's up to these days?

I care enough to find out. Holy Crap! He had a song in Rumble Fish, which is one of my favourite films! Fancy me not knowing that. IMDB is so handy. They seem to have started putting little thumbnail photos of actors next to their names in cast lists now, how.... something.

Peter Graves is in this episode of House I'm watching. With everything he's done, I can still only see him in the cockpit of Airplane, asking the young lad if he likes gladiator movies. Is Airplane the greatest film ever made? Of course it is.