15 January 2010

Err, wait, I found a thing, wait a minute...

This actually survived the loss of over 200 notes I'd made on my iProd, which were wiped when the 3.0 firmware upgrade deleted all my preferences, playlists, emails, game saves and so on, which were supposedly "backed up" each time I synced the thing. Apparently not.

Looks like I'm as guilty as everyone else of bringing on the New Dark Age. 200 notes for dialogue, story ideas and such like, gone; as a writer, that's a real fucking pisser. Anyway, one thing I had transferred to my pen & paper notebook was this word association thing I did for my own amusement. More a phrase association I suppose.

Shut up Hughes.

Here it is!

Robot Drone
Fruity Scone
Sminky Pinky
Rinky Dinky
Chunky Monkey
Tequlia Squealer
Poker Dealer
Harriet Wheeler
Chicken Pot Pie
Stupendous Man
High Flier
Fly by Wire
Spare Tyre
Ginger Minge
Have a good whinge
Take the plunge
Dunk in gunge
Wakka wakka wakka
Pukka pukka pukka
Pika! Pika!
Pizza, pizza!
Lager! Lager! Lager! Lager!
Mega mega white thing!
Choose life
Choose a wife
Buy a knife
Live in Fyfe
Dundee cake
Easy bake
Garden rake
Pickled hake
Jump in the lake
Emmerson, Lake
Crosby, Stills
Holsten Pils
House in the Hills
Pay the bills
Lava Lamp
Muscle cramp
Eat your greens
Laser beams
Dandruff soup
Mobius Loop
One dimension
In suspension

Well, out of that lot I found "Eat you greens, Laser beams" slightly amusing. Good name for an album. "Lava Lamp, Muscle cramp" is the runner up. What the fuck am I talking about?