06 May 2010

Guhh! Managing to revise about one chapter a day at the moment, painful. I'm trying to avoid melodramatic electoral bullshit as it appears around the webzoens. The commentary is mind-meltingly crap. Not worth participating, not worth arguing, not worth discussing. A wall of cognitive dissonance, protected with puny rationales.

I'm caffeine loading for tonight, although with 20 or so seats not declaring until tomorrow, the all-night election coverage could be a bit futile, as those late declaring seats could be the decider between a hung parliament and a majority government.

I'll be watching urban Labour marginals carefully. Some have razor thin majorities, and huge numbers of new, unscrutinised postal votes. Any of the seats that produce unexpected Labour wins against the Uniform National Swing... well, let's just say, the illegal revelation of Kerry McCarthy's postal voting numbers told a very disturbing story about massively disproportional vote tallies. Expect more criminal investigations in the coming months.


Bethnal Green and Bow declares, 14% swing, way out of line with other election results. Majority up from 800 to nearly 12,000. Just sayin'