04 August 2007

"I'm gettin' too old for this shit!" and other cop movie cliches.

For some reason I just got unaturally excited at the thought of owning a pack of Top Trumps cards. I haven't actually seen Top Trumps since 2001, when my friend Rachael's sister was visiting her with her kids Ben and Thomas, who had got some Motorbike based Top Trumps. Within a couple of minutes playing I had most of the deck, so, being a nice fella I decided to try to lose some. It's harder than you think, especially when the kids choose daft stats to lead with, like a 1000cc bike with 190bhp, and they try to trump you on fuel economy. Even at the age of 9, I hope I was smarter than that.

I was quite late to discover a lot of people use the word "Trump" to mean "Fart", so to them the game has a whole other layer of amusement.

I struggle to imagine a Top Trumps that could be as good as Steev's home made Doctor Who monskers set though.

I have also just remebered what a strange word "murmur" is. Strip away the meaning and just listen to the sound. murmur. I suppose it's onomatopoeic. Lounge is another weird one, say lounge a few times and it sounds like it's from another language. Lounge. Lounge. Lounge. Lounge. Lounge.

Lunge is alright. Lounge is just weird. It's a noun and a verb, which is always cause for suspicion.

I'm going to think of an alternate word, and get the dictionary to swap it in.


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